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World Read Aloud Day!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Today is World Read Aloud Day! What a fun day to celebrate! When my kids were babies, I had a mentor mom teach me to read out loud to my kids, even as they get older. Guess what? I still read out loud with my 12 year old daughter. We love it! When I was pregnant with my first child, I actually read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series out loud to him. Yes, he was in the womb, but I knew he could hear my voice.

I’ll let you know a secret about me. I actually grew up struggling with reading. Sometimes the words, but usually understanding what I read. I didn’t really get into reading books until my mom introduced me to Nancy Drew. I loved Nancy Drew, still do! Mysteries became my favorite books to read. In high school a friend introduced me to Frank Peretti and I devoured his books! I also fell in love with Janette Oke’s books. I know, very different from Peretti!

Since I did struggle with reading early on, I wanted to make sure my kids were good, strong readers. I wanted them to fall in love with books at an early age. So, I started reading to my oldest while he was still in the womb. 😉 I read out loud with all three of my children every night. The boys started reading more on their own as they got older. My daughter did as well, but she still wants mom to read out loud with her, even now. Be still my heart. 🙂

In honor of this wonderful day, I’d love to share with you some favorite book titles my kids chose to read over and over and over again. I encourage you to read out loud with your little ones and your bigger ones. There are so many great books out there! Plus, they love that time spent with you and it cultivates a joy for reading.

Picture Books

(Click the links below to find these books)

Middle Grade Books

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