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The Best Trophy

My new picture book, The Best Trophy, is out now! See below to learn more or to purchase your copy today!
About the book:

It’s the day of the big trail race, and all the kids are excited—except Liam. What if he falls, like last year? He can’t lose again!


With Zoe and Eli’s prayerful encouragement, Liam sets out, flies over sticks, pebbles, and leaves to the front of the pack. But just when the finish line is in sight, an accident on the trail challenges Liam to choose what he values most. Will he leave his friends behind to win the trophy?

Young children will thrill to the excitement of the race in this engaging portrayal of kids growing in their Christian faith by learning victory doesn’t always mean bringing home the trophy.

"Children will be on the edge of their seats as they read this beautiful story illustrating the joy of sacrifice and friendship."

—Jill Roman Lord, author of over 20 children’s books

Leave A Review

Leave A Review

If you love The Best Trophy, please consider leaving a review! Reviews help new readers discover the book. Thank you!

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