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Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to share my journey with you in reading, writing, and family life. My favorite books, fun ways to get kids reading, and my annual recommended reading list can all be found in my Reading Blog. Check out my Writing Blog to learn what God is teaching me in this writing journey. Finally, I honestly share life as a wife and mom in my Family Life Blog. My prayer is that God will bless, encourage, and inspire you through my authenticity and real-life journey. To Him be the Glory!

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In my Reading Blog, I share my favorite books for a variety of ages as well as what my kids and I are currently reading.



In my Writing Blog, I share all that I’m learning on this new writing journey. To God by the Glory!

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Family Life

I honestly share life as
a wife and mom in my
Family Life Blog—the challenges, messes,

and blessings.

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