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Top 10 Ways to Show the Love of Christ This Valentine's Day

“For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

“We LOVE because he first LOVED us.” (1 John 4:19) Jesus showed us what love looks like when he told the woman in John chapter 8, verses 10 and 11, “Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.” He showed us how to love when he talked to the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4. Jews didn’t talk to Samaritans during that time. When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet in John chapter 13, he demonstrated a humble love. There are multiple places in the bible where Jesus shows us how to love well.

This upcoming Valentine’s Day we can follow Jesus’ example and show the love of Christ to others. Our kids can get involved as well. Here are 10 ways families can show the love of Christ this Valentine’s Day:

1. Give a Gift. This can be something as simple as a homemade card, making cookies for a neighbor or buying a special present for a friend.

2. Provide a Service. Maybe your family shovels the driveway for a neighbor, helps clean-up litter, picks up groceries for someone who is sick or babysits for free.

3. Make a Donation. Collect canned goods and other needed items for a local shelter or food bank, clean out your closet and donate your toys or clothes, pick a charity, and find out what they need.

4. Help with Chores at Home. Kids can help mom and dad wash dishes, vacuum/mop the house, clean their room, wash windows, or organize the game closet.

5. Wash Someone’s Feet. Pull out a bucket, fill it up with warm soapy water and wash mom or dad’s feet or even grandma’s or grandpa’s feet. You can even wash the feet of a friend. Share with them the story of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet in John chapter 13.

6. Give Free Hugs. When you see someone having a bad day, feeling sad, or even happy, give them a hug. When a sibling hurts you, give them a hug. That’s how Jesus loves us too. Give mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or your friends a big hug just to show them you love them.

7. Play your Sister’s or Brother’s Favorite Game. Let your friend, sister or brother know you will play a game with them. Let them choose.

8. Make Someone a Card. Make a thank you card for a gift you received. Make a thank you card for mom and dad for taking care of you. Make Valentine’s cards for the local nursing home or your neighbors. Put bible verses in them about Jesus’ love.

9. Virtually Visit Someone who is Sick. They are probably bored and not feeling well. Set up a virtual visit to chat, read to them or play a game you both have. You can each get a deck of cards and play Go Fish. Jesus always visited the sick.

10. Share Fun Activities. Check out my Family Activities Page on my website for Valentine’s Day coloring pages and games. Share them with a friend. Cut out the coupons and share them with your family.

Spend this Valentine’s Day sharing the Amazing LOVE Christ has for us. You will plant seeds to help bring more people to Jesus.

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Kristin Evans
Kristin Evans
01 de fev. de 2022

Jennifer, these are such great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

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