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Snow Day! ❄️

Snow days are my favorite! These rare days allow extra time to make memories with my kids and sleep in. With technology, we don’t get them as often anymore, sadly. BUT today (even though it’s an e-learning day) we get some snow day time. Here are some fun snow day ideas I came up with for your family. Put away the technology, get outside, or cozy up inside and make some memories! ❄️


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Inside Fun

❄️ Make and drink homemade hot chocolate

❄️ Build a blanket-pillow fort

❄️ Cozy up in the fort and read a book

❄️ Go on a scavenger hunt (join my newsletter to receive a Bible Scavenger Hunt)

❄️ Fingerpaint

❄️ Make snow ice cream

❄️ Write your own story and draw illustrations

❄️ Play board games

❄️ Play charades

❄️ Play Bingo (find a bingo game here)

❄️ Make your own Valentine’s Day Cards

❄️ Make homemade snowflakes out of paper and decorate


Outside Fun

❄️ Go sledding or snowtubing

❄️ Build a snowman (play pin the hat or nose on frosty)

❄️ Build a snow fort

❄️ Play outdoor games in the snow

  • Capture the Flag (use the snow fort)

  • Freeze Tag

  • Soccer

  • Laser Tag

  • Red Rover

  • Red Light, Green Light

  • Simon Says

  • Marco Polo, etc

❄️ At night, pull out the light sabers and have a battle

❄️ Make snow angels

❄️ Have a snowball fight

❄️ Make snow art (use food coloring, click here)

❄️ Have your kids help shovel the snow, turn it into a game

❄️ Pull out the dump trucks to play in the snow or any other sandbox toys

❄️ Make an obstacle course or maze (use snow forts too)

❄️ Search for animal tracks and guess which animal they belong to

❄️ Using food coloring, make hopscotch in the snow or Tic-Tac-Toe

❄️ Make snow-bubbles (click here to learn how)

❄️ Make a snow volcano (click here to learn how)

❄️ Go cross country skiing: This is one of my favorites since we live in the country. We can go skiing right in our own yard!

❄️ Happy Snow Day! ☃️  

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Kristin Evans
Kristin Evans
19. Jan.

❄️☃️Thank you for these great family activity ideas!

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