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Fall Reading Campfire

The sound of the crackling fire, the smell of burnt marshmallows, the ooey gooey melted chocolate and marshmallow in my mouth. My favorite part of fall. The steam rising from the mug, whip cream on my nose from that first sip, the hot chocolate hitting my taste buds. Another favorite of fall. How about a comfy, warm blanket, a crackling fire, s’mores, hot chocolate, and your favorite book?

Gather your spouse, family or friends and cozy up to the fire with your favorite books and snacks. Enjoy a beautiful night outdoors spending time together while you read. Help your kids enjoy reading this fall with a reading campfire:

· Families, have mom or dad read books to little kids or have older kids take turns reading out loud around the fire pit.

· Read your favorite Bible story.

· Start a “Story-Go-Round,” where one person starts telling a story for 1 minute, then the next person adds onto the story for 1 minute. Take turns adding onto the story, each for 1 minute. This should bring some fun belly laughs. (Adjust the time to fit your family.)

· Find a story on-line read by a favorite author, celebrity or superhero and listen while you make s’mores or other treats.

· Read a mystery and see who can solve it first. Bonus points, create your own mystery for your family to solve.

· Have your kids write a story to share around the fire.

· Bonus points for acting out a story. You can also play charades and act out your favorite books.

· Campout with friends in the backyard and ask them to each bring their favorite book to share. Then, swap books.

Authors to Check Out


· Michelle Medlock Adams

· Shannon B. Anderson

· Eva Marie Everson

· Valerie Fentress

· Karen Ferguson

· Tama Fortner

· Annette Marie Griffin

· Jean Hall

· Julie Lavender

· Michelle S. Lazurek

· Jill Roman Lord

· Patti Bumpus Richards

· Josie Siler

Middle Grade (8-12 years)

· Taryn Souders

· Jason VanHorn

Young Adult (13-18 years)

· Victoria Duerstock

· Tessa Emily Hall

· Allyson Kennedy

· Lori Z. Scott


· Victoria Duerstock

· Loretta Eidson

· Eva Marie Everson

· Patricia Coury Hartman

· Kelly VanHorn

· Jennifer Q. Hunt

· Peyton H. Roberts

· Roseanna M. White

Campfire Snack Ideas

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