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Digging Into God's Word

Fall is here and school is in full swing. Every school year I begin a new Bible study or devotional with my teens. I’m missing studying the Bible with my oldest since he’s in college now; however, I’m grateful for the time we did spend together. I’m also thankful to continue studying God’s Word with my younger two teens.

My second son and I are digging into Revelation (by his request) and my daughter and I are reading “Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free,” by Nancy DeMoss and Dannah Gresh. I set aside one morning a week for each teen and take them out to breakfast. We read, discuss, and share some yummy eggs and bacon or pancakes. This time has opened doors to many conversations, watching my kids grow closer to God, and has inspired them to read the Bible on their own. My oldest set a goal to read the entire Bible and is almost done!

Over the years, I’ve had some people ask me for devotional recommendations. First, I always recommend reading God’s True Word together with your kids. Dig into the Bible together, show them the adventure of reading God’s Word, let them ask questions, and teach them how to read the Bible. Show them the table of contents, any maps, dictionaries, and other resources that may be available. Teach them to read the introduction of a book and study notes. If you don’t know answers to their questions, that’s okay! We don’t know all the answers. Ask your pastor together. This way you can show your kids they can ask their youth pastor or pastor their questions as they grow up too.

Devotionals and books are another way to grow closer to God. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some with you. Check out the devotionals and inspiring books below for your kids, teens, or whole family. Keep cultivating God’s Word in your kids. Your labor will produce deep roots.

Devotions for kids, Tweens, and Teens


Keys for Kids Magazine (also online and there’s an app!)

Quirky Critter Devotions by Annette Whipple

Dinosaur Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams

Puppy Dog Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams and Wendy Hinote Lanier


Let’s Be Friends by Calyn Daniel and Blythe Daniel (coming soon!)

Get Your Spirit On!: Devotions for Cheerleaders by Michelle Medlock Adams (good for tweens and teens)

Sports Shorts by Del Duit


Unlocked Magazine (also online and there’s an app!)

Influencer by Tessa Emily Hall

Navigating Minefields by Victoria Duerstock and Bethany Jett


Ordinary People Extraordinary God by Michelle Medlock Adams, Victoria Duerstock and more (families with older kids)

I'd love to hear what devotionals you have loved for your kids and teens! I'll update this list as I find more. :)

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Dawn Stephens
Dawn Stephens
Sep 19, 2023

Thanks. We can never have too many reminders to be in God's Word with our kids. Mine are grown, and we still enjoy doing 6-8 week Bible studies together once a year. They live in different areas, so we each study and discuss it via FaceTime weekly. It not only keeps them connected to God but keeps us connected with each other. - My granddaughter has just started reading her Bible, and I cannot wait to do a study with her, too.

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